A1 Accounting & Taxation Services Ltd can assist you with your financial and accounting operations by providing you with a range of services. The range of the services are numerous, a few include the below. If you require further information please contact us.


Using your records, either original documentation, electronic input or a combination of both, we will prepare your financial statements to meet all current reporting requirements.


We can prepare and e-file your income tax, Goods and Services Tax and PAYE returns, and advise you of your tax liability.

Business Support

With our software we are able to analyse every business decision and show how it impacts on your business. In short you can know the result of every decision before you’ve made it.
We also can prepare the documentation your bank requires to provide you with funding, be it start up/working capital or for expansion.


Our consultants are fully qualified to assist you in the selection of the MYOB package best suited to your requirements, to arrange for its purchase, installation and provide you with any training in its use that you may need.

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Our current fee charges are as follows (Hourly, excl. GST):

Hourly Charge
Support Staff $125.00
Directors $200.00-300.00
Annual Tax Administration Charge $60.00 per tax return

Our fee charges apply to meetings, written & email advice and any phone consultations in lieu of meetings.

Fees charges for consultancy work outside the scope of this engagement are based on our standard hourly rates and billed as the work progresses plus the reimbursement of our direct expenses.

Fees charges for liaising with the IRD to resolve any tax matters, disputes and objections are based on our standard hourly rates and billed as the work progresses plus the reimbursement of our direct expenses.

Generally our fees are based on the time taken to complete the work and any other relevant factors, including:-

  • The skill, specialised knowledge and responsibility required;
  • The importance of the matter to you and the results achieved;
  • The urgency and circumstances in which the work is transacted;
  • The degree of risk we assume in undertaking the services;
  • The complexity of the matter and the difficulty or novelty of the questions involved;
  • Our experience, reputation, and ability;
  • Any quote or estimate of fees we have given;Any fee agreement (including a conditional fee agreement) entered into between us and you;;
  • The time and labour expended;
  • The reasonable costs of running our practice.